Nonivamide Weight Loss Drugs Pseudo Capsaicin Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide CAS 2444-46-4

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Senwayer Brand
Certification: ISO, 9001, USP
Model Number: 2444-46-4
Minimum Order Quantity: 10grams
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CAS: 2444-46-4 Alias: Nonivamide, Pseudocapsaicin , Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide
Apparence: Almost White Crystalline Powder Purity: 98%
Function: Weight Loss Grade: Pharma Grade
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Nonivamide Pseudocapsaicin Pelargonic acid vanillylamide CAS 2444-46-4 Powder PAVA


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CAS No.: 2444-46-4
Synonyms: NONYLVANYLAMIDE; N-Nonylvanylamide; (N-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)nonanamide; N-vanillyl-nonanamide; N-Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide; Capsaicin std.; Capsaicinoid; PSEUDOCAPSAICIN;
Capsaicin (Synthetic); N-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl)nonanamide; N-Vanillylnonanamide; NonvaMide; NON-4-ENE; Nonylvanylamide; nonanoic acid vanillylamide; Nonivamide; nonylic acid vanillylamide; N-Vanillylpelargonamide; Pseudocapsaicin; Pelargonic acid vanillylamide; Capsaicin synthetic; Nonanoic acid vanillylamide; N-VANILLYLNONANOAMIDE; N-Pelargonylvanillylamide; PAVA;
Formula: C17H27NO3
Exact Mass: 293.19900
Molecular Weight: 293.40100
PSA: 58.56000
LogP: 4.15850



Nonivamide, also called pelargonic acid vanillylamide or PAVA, is an organic compound and a capsaicinoid. It is an amide of pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) and vanillyl amine. It is present in chili peppers, but is commonly manufactured synthetically. It is more heat-stable than capsaicin.
Ointment sold under trade name Finalgon is used to relieve arthritis and muscle pain. A small drop of the ointment applied on the skin is absorbed quickly causing warm to burning sensation and pain relief for several hours.[weaselwords]; Nonivamide is used as a food additive to add pungency to seasonings, flavorings, and spice blends. It is also used in the confectionery industry to create a hot sensation, and in the pharmaceutical industry in some formulations as a cheaper alternative to capsaicin.



Some warming or heating ointments utilize Nonivamide to stimulate the skin surface where it is applied, providing relief from conditions such as sore muscles and arthritis. Chemically this operates by increasing blood flow to the applied area, thus delivering more oxygen-carrying haemoglobin to the site and providing relief. It is readily absorbed by human skin and the effects last several hours. Finalgon is one common product which utilizes Nonivamide for this purpose.

Nonivamide also has applications as a weapon in the form of PAVA spray. It is dispensed from pressurized canisters as an incapacitating but non-lethal spray, analogous to mace or CS gas. The spray operates primarily by affecting the assailed person’s eye, causing intense pain and swelling.


Taste and Smell

Nonivamide also is used in food production to add a hot sensation to flavoring agents and spice mixtures. Sweets and confectionary industries also utilizes Nonivamide in products such as chili infused chocolate. Pharmaceutical industries use the compound as an alternative to capsaicin, as it is generally cheaper to produce.



Appearance white to brown powder
Density: 1.037 g/cm3
Melting Point: 57-61ºC
Boiling Point: 492.7ºC at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 251.8ºC
Refractive Index: 1.513
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Storage Condition: 2-8ºC
Vapor Pressure: 2.48E-10mmHg at 25°C

Nonivamide Weight Loss Drugs Pseudo Capsaicin Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide CAS 2444-46-4 0 

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