Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride 5470-11-1 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Powder Azinous Acid

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Place of Origin: China
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Certification: ISO, 9001, USP
Model Number: 5470-11-1
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CAS: 5470-11-1 Apparence: White Crystal
Purity: ≥99% Packing: As Your Requirement
Storage Conditions: Avoid Light, Vacuum Airtight Preservation Stock: In Stock
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pharmaceutical raw material


medical raw material

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Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride Pharmaceutical Intermediate CAS 5470-11-1 Powder


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Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride
Molecular Formula: NH2OH·HCL
Physicochemical properties: white crystal, easy deliquescence, soluble in water and glycerin, insoluble in ethanol and ethyl ether.
Specific gravity: (17/4οC) 1.67
Melting point: 152 οC (disassemble )
Use:This product is mainly used as a reducing agent and imaging agent, organic synthesis for the preparation of oxime, and also as the raw material for the synthesis of anti-cancer drugs (hydroxyurea), sulfa drugs (sinomin), anti-cold medicine and pesticide(methomyl). It is used as depolarizer In electro-analysis, in the synthetic rubber industry as non-staining short-term terminating agent, etc.
Production quality : Performance standards: Q/S BY001 - 2008


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Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride is the hydrochloric acid salt of hydroxylamine. Hydroxylamine is a biological intermediate in the nitrification (biological oxidation of ammonia with oxygen into nitrite) and in the anammox (biological oxidation of nitrite and ammonium into dinitrogen gas) which are important in the nitrogen cycle in soil and in wastewater treatment plants.



Uses 1 .

 Hydroxylamine and its salts are commonly used as reducing agents in myriad organic and inorganic reactions. They can also act as antioxidants for fatty acids.

Uses 2. 

Conversion from cyclohexanone to caprolactam involving the Beckmann Rearrangement can be understood with this scheme.

Uses 3. 

 In the synthesis of nylon 6, cyclohexanone is first converted to its oxime; treatment of this oxime with acid induces the Beckmann rearrangement to give caprolactam :

The nitrate salt, hydroxylammonium nitrate, is being researched as a rocket propellant, both in water solution as a monopropellant and in its solid form as a solid propellant.

Uses 4 .

This has also been used in the past by biologists to introduce random mutations by switching base pairs from G to A, or from C to T. This is to probe functional areas of genes to elucidate what happens if their functions are broken. Nowadays other mutagens are used.

Uses 5 . 

Hydroxylamine can also be used to highly selectively cleave asparaginyl-glycine peptide bonds in peptides and proteins. It also bonds to and permanently disables (poisons) heme-containing enzymes. It is used as an irreversible inhibitor of the oxygen-evolving complex of photosynthesis on account of its similar structure to water.

Uses 6. 

This route also involves the Beckmann Rearrangement, like the conversion from cyclohexanone to caprolactam.
An alternative industrial synthesis of paracetamol developed by Hoechst–Celanese involves the conversion of ketone to a ketoxime with hydroxylamine.




Spec 1

Spec 2

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White crystal

White crystal

White crystal

Content % ≥




Moisture % ≤




Sulphate % ≤




Fe % ≤




Heavy metal% ≤





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