58-18-4 Injectable Estosterone Anabolic Steroid 17 Methyltestosterone Powder

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17 Methyltestosterone 58-18-4 Injectable Steroids Powder Muscle Gain Anabolic Drugs



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Name: 17-Methyltestosterone
CAS No.: 58-18-4
Formula: C20H30O2
Molecular Weight: 302.46
Synonyms: Androst-4-en-3-one,17b-hydroxy-17-methyl- (8CI);17a-Methyl-17b-hydroxyandrost-4-en-3-one;17a-Methyl-3-oxo-4-androsten-17b-ol;17a-Methyltestosterone;17b-Hydroxy-17a-methylandrost-4-ene-3-one;Android;Androsan;Androst-4-ene-17a-methyl-17b-ol-3-one;CDB 110;Glosso-Sterandryl;Homandren;Mesterone;Metandren;Oreton Methyl;Perandren;Steronyl;Synandrotabs;Testora;Testoviron (tablet);Testred;
EINECS: 200-366-3
Density: 1.1 g/cm3
Melting Point: 162-168 °C(lit.)
Boiling Point: 434.4 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point: 185.3 °C
Solubility: water: ≤0.5 mg/mL
Appearance: white to slightly yellowish-white crystalline


58-18-4 Injectable Estosterone Anabolic Steroid 17 Methyltestosterone Powder 0


17 Methyltestosterone Description

Methyltestosterone (brand names Android, Androral, Metandren, Oraviron, Testred, Virilon), also known as 17α-methyltestosterone or as 17α-methylandrost-4-en-17β-ol-3-one, is a synthetic, orally active androgenic-anabolic steroid(AAS) and 17α-methylated derivative of testosterone that is used to treat males with androgen deficiency.

It bears close structural similarity to testosterone, but has a methyl group at the C17α position in order to increase oral bioavailability.

Due to efficient aromatization into the potent estrogen methylestradiol, methyltestosterone has relatively high estrogenicity and hence potential side effects such as gynecomastia.


17 Methyltestosterone Applications

It’s anabolic effect is also quite mild, its potency is considered to be slightly less than Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) on a milligram for milligram basis.


For this reason, Primobolan is most commonly used during cutting cycles when a mass increase is not the main goal. Some athletes do prefer to combine a mild anabolic like “Primo” with bulking drugs such as Dianabol, Anadrol, or testosterone however, presumably to lower the overall androgen dosage and minimize uncomfortable side effects. When choosing between Primobolan versions, the injectable is preferred over the oral, as it is much more cost effective.


It is the same compound as the one in Primobolan Orals (methenolone acetate), both produced by Schering.

In this injectable version, an enanthate ester is added to the steroid, which makes for a slow and gradual release from the site of injection.

Its length of activity would thus be quite similar to Testosterone enanthate, with blood levels remaining elevated for approximately two weeks. Methenolone itself is a long acting anabolic, with extremely low androgenic properties.


17 Methyltestosterone COA:

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White or practically white crystalline powder



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Specific rotation

+79°~ +85°


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Be conform with USP28


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